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Well as the title says, FuNaNdMoRe and me are searching for a sponsor for our game "Bunnie & Clyne" in
So please if you are a sponsor, check it out :)

Although, I am working right now in two future games. Really in one but soon in another one.
One is as long time ago, Kingdom in the Clouds, a game i am working with RedHarvest, ThatComposerGuy and Seymour. The other one is "Headbanging Hero Metal" the sequel of "Headbanging Hero" with FuNaNdMoRe.
So expect some great games in a future :)

Best Regards,

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PSS: A photo from bunnie & clyne:

Searching Sponsor for Bunnie & Clyne!

Real Love

2011-06-21 20:33:37 by MonoFlauta

Well now finally, I am bit more free. I had some busy weeks and I couldn't work in the game jam #5 :(
Anyway, I am back and I am working hard to get back the lost time, here is a list of projects I am working in:

Bunnie and Clyne
Programmer: MonoFlauta // Artist and Music: FuNaNdMoRe

This game has the in game code almost finished, but still need things. Also there is a mini-game between levels I didn't started yet, but the idea and the art for it is done. The upgrade page is also done (also in coding). The game will be a game but fun and you will be able to upgrade your car throw the Bonnie and Clyde rout trying to escape from the police. I guess people will find it with a great art and will have fun with it :D

Kingdom in The Clouds
Programmer: MonoFlauta // Artist: RedHarvest // Music: ThatComposerGuy // Voices: Seymour

This has all in game engine done! This mean left a lot less than half. I have to fix some small things of the upgrade page, make the tutorial and all levels, but am just say which enemies appear in each one. Will be an awesome game, really, I can't wait to see it ended. Anyway, will take a bit since we have to test it a lot, and as Bunnie and Clyne, we will search an sponsor so will take even more. Anyway, stay in tune!

Future Projects:
For sure: Game Jam #6 lol
Then also Shark Antennas Co. World version. Will be a very full game, at least in the concept it is, so I hope we get our concept done in an awesome game with FuNaNdMoRe
Escape from Ice Mountain sequel at least the concept is done, but well. Don't know, doesn't depend on me, I want to make it but well, we will see :D
And for last, I have an idea but I am not pretty sure yet about it, also I have to finish these projects first.

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PS: On Sunday it will be a year with my girlfriend!
Now, I will show you real love:

Real Love


2011-05-04 14:34:53 by MonoFlauta

Well, first of all I guessed with two winners of the Game Jam #4. I was sure that Dragon's Cave (Beta) and Catch 51 we're going to win a place so I am happy with that. I got anyway a bit disappointed with this Game Jam. I think that each time are less the games they pick for winners and the sentence or the handicap they give is each time of less quality but well, I am not the organizer and I don't think I would do a better job.

Now, here is the list of the projects I am doing and I am planning to do with the % of done of each one.

Kingdom in the Clouds 65% Done
Programmer: MonoFlauta (Me)
Artist: RedHarvest
Voice Actor: Seymour
Music: ThatComposerGuy

Bunnie and Clyne 60% Done
Programmer: MonoFlauta (Me)
Artist/Music: FuNaNdMoRe

??? 0% Done
Author: MonoFlauta (Me)

Do you think Pyroscape should have a collection?
Do you think Pyroscape should have another chapter?

Tell me what you think :D

Headbanging Hero! Game Jam #4!

2011-04-19 14:21:16 by MonoFlauta

Hi everyone!
This is my first time posting in front page, lol I am so happy haha
I had recently participated in the Game Jam #4 and I did this:
Headbanging Hero
What do you think about it?

Well, also I had been checking others games and I have to admit there is some really good stuff around there. One game I really liked is:
Dragon's Cave (Beta)
It has a really nice art, I really liked it!
And also I enjoyed a lot the music made by ThatComposerGuy in Catch 51

Well, I just hope this time I win the game jam since the last two ones I was very near of winning or at least I think I was, here are my games for the before jams:
Game Jam #3: Shark Antennas Co.
Game Jam #2: Escape From Ice Mountain

For last things, have you played Pyroscape 3? If not, you should

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Best regards,

Headbanging Hero! Game Jam #4!

Headbanging Hero

2011-04-17 18:40:21 by MonoFlauta

We finished the game for the jam!
Check it here:
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Headbanging Hero

Team Toucans

2011-04-14 19:12:28 by MonoFlauta

Team Toucans
So this is the name of my team for the Game Jam #4. This time I have to win, in the second one I just got an honorable mention and in the third one I just failed, don't know why :(
Now, I came with an awesome team to try to make an awesome game:
RedHarvest as Artist
FuNaNdMoRe as Artist
Me as Programmer
We have to win this time, and just to tell you, I will write the news here.

Also, Pyroscape 3 won a underdog trophie!


2011-03-25 11:56:54 by MonoFlauta

Progress in games:
Pyroscape 3 100% Done
Idea: Nick and Corky
Programmer: MonoFlauta
Actors: Nick and Corky
Artist: MonoFlauta
Music: FuNaNdMoRe
Additional Art: FuNaNdMoRe
Status: Done!

Kingdom in The Clouds 70% Done
Programmer: MonoFlauta
Artist: RedHarvest
Music: Brian Holmes (thatcomposerguy)
Voice Actor: Seymour
Status: Working on it

Bunnie and Clyne 15% Done
Programmer: MonoFlauta
Artist: FuNaNdMoRe
Music: FuNaNdMoRe
Status: Stopped, will continue later

Valerio's Circus 12% Done
Programmer: MonoFlauta
Artist: Jacco
Music: FuNaNdMoRe
Status: Working on it

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Game Jam #4:

Hi people! I am really looking foward to try to win something in this jam, I will post some news here and I am needing someone more for the team :)
Team Toucans
Programmer: MonoFlauta
Artist: FuNaNdMoRe
Artist: RedHarvest

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2011-03-23 16:09:26 by MonoFlauta

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Shark Antennas Co.

2011-02-21 21:01:48 by MonoFlauta

Sorry for not posting soon. I didn't have much time, also I don't have to write something long so, check this awesome game!


Shark Antennas Co.

Projects Beggining 2011

2011-01-15 22:28:47 by MonoFlauta

Well here are the projects for the begginig of 2011 =D Also I am searching for people so PM me if you want to work in some place:

Sequel of Escape from Ice Mountain (Not sure real name will be) 01% done
Yes :) The sequel will come, we didn't started yet but you will play it :)
Team Polar Bear:
Programmer: MonoFlauta (Me)
Artist: RedHarvest
Artist: Tyler
Voices: DeadEndWorldStudios

Ian the Magician (Not real name) 08% done
It will be a game like Portal Defenders and Castle Crashers. It will be EPIC :D
Programmer and Writer: MonoFlauta (Me) 35% Of ad money
Artist: Jacco 30% Of ad money
Music: FuNaNdMoRe 20% Of ad money
Voices 1: RedHarvest 10% Of ad money
Voices 2: Fro 5% Of ad money

Pyroscape 3 80% done
First part, epic, second part, epic, third part? :O
Writer, Actor and Voices: Fro
Programmer: MonoFlauta (Me)
Actor: plsurucantmeshur
Music: FuNaNdMoRe

The Greatest Orb 4 - FINISHED! Searching Sponsor in
Writer, Programmer and Artist: MonoFlauta (Me)
Music: FuNaNdMoRe

Thanks everyone and good luck :)