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Hello, everyone!

Sorry once again for disappearing for a while and for making now a Sunday DevLog post on a Monday. But! The good thing is that I have updates for every game, and most of the updates are pretty big, so let’s start!

Riverside Rumble

Roberto had been working on a bunch of feedback and assets for the Riverside Rumble game and I got to get back to it these last days. From the new assets he already created, I implemented the random sprite projectiles for the basic ones and replaced the ones for the dirt projectiles and ninja ones. Also, we added a small visual effect with the crosshair when aiming far and a wave level counter in the HUD.


Apart from that, he also polished a bunch of assets like the logo and the main menu background.

Our next steps will be adding more feedback to the crosshair on my side, specifically turning the thing red when hovering a target so you know that you are going to hit something. Then we had been also talking about making a boss so that probably will be one of our next steps.

Summer Snow Day

Last time I posted about Summer Snow Day I told you we were finishing working on Chapter 6. The truth is that we not only finished that chapter but we also finished chapter 7 and we are halfway through chapter 8 so that is quite an update.


We think the total count of chapters will be 9 so we are almost finished with all the chapters and only polishment will be left from there. We already have a plan with Lautaro to start meeting every week once the chapters are done and re-playing all the chapters written down what needs to be improved and iterating them to ensure the best quality for every chapter.

Fight Daily! Auto Chess

I hadn’t been posting too much about this one but we had a huge update where all the units now have animations of idle and attacks. Also, a lot of assets were integrated into the UI including the in-game HUD.


Anyway, we are still missing some UI as you can see and as always my biggest worry is the balance side. Also, we will be working on the progression of the game so that is something we need to figure out but we have already a shop system planned with art.

How to achieve a good performance in a VR game

A few weeks ago, I also made a blog post for the company I work at called How to achieve a good performance in a VR game.


It was a nice thing to be able to share some knowledge we gathered through the development process of the game I am working on my full-time job so if you are interested in VR game development please take a look at it!

That’s all for now, thank you for reading I hope to be writing updates more often than I had been doing lately.

Stay safe!


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