Entry #75

Asterash birthday, Happy Ghost Studio new twitter and new progress on Summer Snow Day

2018-03-11 19:33:17 by MonoFlauta


Hello, everyone!

So, first of all, yesterday was Asterash birthday! It was a year ago when we released it and it won the daily first pick of Newgrounds. The world record is still owned by akidu502 with a total of 3.012.300 points which is pretty insane! But if you feel lucky, give it a shot and play it once again to try and beat him.

In other news, Happy Ghost Studio has a new twitter account where we will be posting updates about Summer Snow Day.

Since we are talking about it…we already have the main core of the game working. We can easily add dialogues and give answers as options. We still have to work on polishing the visuals and adding some more features to it, but the main part of the code is set up and running so we can fill it with all the dialogues the game will have.

Thanks for reading and please go follow the new Happy Ghost Studio twitter account!


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2018-03-12 10:47:26

Perfect opportunity to mix my character in as an unlockable bonus! :P