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MonoFlauta's News

Posted by MonoFlauta - April 7th, 2019

Hello, everyone!

I have updates regarding all my current projects. Half of them, almost finished. So, here we go!

Unblocky is complete

For Unblocky we have already completed the game. Just a few tweaks with the playstore and a final version for the japanese language left.

Regarding the playstore, we have a few problems with the privacy policy. Google asks us to make a privacy policy for the game, which we made with a creator I found only, but apparently, it wasn’t enought. We are still not sure what else do we need but we already contacted support.

While we work on that, we are also waiting for the final revision of the Japanese language. Hopefully, we will get both during the next week.


Once we have these two things. We aim to make a soft-launch, in order to fix bugs in case they appear, and after that, we will make a full release for Android while we also make a release for a web version which will be at Newgrounds (with medals and leaderboards) and itch.io.

Finished Summer Snow Day UI

We finally finished the Summer Snow Day UI! It took a lot longer than expected, but I can say I am pretty happy with it.


From now on, we will be focusing in the characters expressions and poses. Hopefully, from now on, things will move a lot faster. Sorry for the delays, but they were totally worth it!

VR Escape Game

From here, things are still moving really slow. Hopefully, during the following weeks it will be a lot faster.

I had re-made all the input settings with the new VR Steam API (which is poorly documented) and I made a new grab system which I hope it will give the player a better feel and more customization to the artists regarding on how to interact with the objects.

Stickerboy final revisions

For last, regarding Stickerboy, we are in the final revisions. I think we will have soon a release for web and a upcoming release for Android.


One of the changes the client asked was a negative feedback when pasting a sticker in a wrong place. Good thing they noticed the need of this because now it is a lot clear. We had been working in this for so long in our spare times that we sometimes lost the notion of what does the game need.

This and other changes had been added to the game. Hopefully, this will be the final revision for the web game and we can start showing the game to you.

Buy me a ko-fi!

For last, I made a Ko-Fi account. All the money I get from it, if I ever get something, I will use it for developing games. So, if you like them, please consider donating a ko-fi to me!

Thanks for reading, please stay tuned for more updates!



Posted by MonoFlauta - March 17th, 2019

New game called Blight

Hello, everyone! I have a lot of news. The first one is, if you haven’t check it out yet, a new game called Blight.


The game was made for the Extra Credits Game Jam #3. I am planning to make a post-mortem in a near future, but meanwhile, please consider trying it out and let me know your thoughts about it!

Bunch of updates for Unblocky

From all the projects I am working on right now, this one is probably the one with the fastests progress so far. Thanks to the simple mechanic, we are being able to focus already in polishing (although we still have to add a few more things to the gameplay).


So far, we have planned three modes and only one still needs more work. The modes we have planned are:

  • Traditional – You have 5 seconds to mark every pattern. Each round, you get a new pattern.
  • Arcade – You have 5 x Ammount of patterns to finish the whole sequence. Each round, you get a new pattern. Also, there are special nodes that can give you more points or make you re-think the movement because they block specific directions. We still have to make more special nodes for this one but it is already fun to play it.
  • Zen – Is like traiditional except you have no timers. You can take all the time you need to play it.

We also have this already in the PlayStore and we are being able to test it directly from there. Rollouts for Android work a bit slow but this is the best option since we can also add friends as beta testers and give them the updates automatically. Hopefully, will give you a lot of more updates in a near future.

My other projects

While I work with these projects, I also keep working in the other two ones. For Stickerboy we are sending the client all the updates they had been asking. Most of them are balance changes or small changes so we are hoping to realease it soon.

Regarding the VR game. Things had been really slow because of our jobs. It gets really difficult to get everyone to be available the same day so the updates we had been working on had been more an individual thing. The good thing, is that I re-made most of the game to work in the latest VR Plugin so we had been able to update the Unity version.

That will be all for now. Please consider following me on Twitter for the latest small updates and thank you for reading!

Link to the original post: https://monoflauta.com/2019/03/17/unblocky-modes-and-more/



Posted by MonoFlauta - December 9th, 2018

Original post: https://monoflauta.com/2018/12/09/all-characters-from-summer-snow-day-and-more/

Summer Snow Day

Hello, everyone!
We finished presenting all the main characters from Summer Snow Day. The last one, Honji, is the main character and the one you will control during your adventure.


Also, Chad published a wip of the in gameplay finish result which you can check here! Even more, we are having a big progress on the visual side of the game. From my part, I had been working on the postprocess that will let Chad control and give a great feeling to the game. If you want to have the latest updates consider following the Happy Ghost Studio twitter account!


The results of the Epic Mega Jam 2018 are out and we didn’t make it once again. Sadly, we had a lot of issues when using Unreal this time. Being the only member that could update the project, because of repository issues, plus a bug where the intro video would only display in the computer where the project was published, leaded us to a result we weren’t looking forward.
As a team, we are not sure if we are going to participate in another one of these ones. We had too many issues, probably because inexperience, that we would normaly don’t have in Unity. Maybe, in a future we try again but for now, we need to rest a bit from Unreal.
You can play the game HERE.


Framework Goat

I also had been updating Framework-Goat. I added a bunch of new changes and also added an UpdateManager that will help to optimize big Unity applications. Probably, going to keep adding new updates now that I will have more spare time for projects, leading to have more ideas and utilities I can add to the Framework.
As a changelog of the last time I posted about the Framework, I added:

  • Added UpdateManager, this will be a huge performance improvement when using a lot the update functions
  • Changed Start for Awake and added Stop All Themes option to the Sound Controller
  • Added a Clear and Subscribe clear to EventManager
  • Fixed a null reference when removing events in the EventManager


We had been adding audio updates and new mechanics to the StickerBoy game. Now you can paste stickers and get points because of it. I also created a wave editor so Kevin can edit easily the waves and balance the game from there.
So far, the game is getting better and better and giving a lot of fun when playing and making it. Hopefully, we finish with a nice polished game.


That's all for now! Please consider following my Twitter account for more updates!


Posted by MonoFlauta - August 21st, 2018


Hello, everyone!

This week I had been working on a new game called Shot Wave, a game made for the Unreal Engine 4 Summer Game Jam 2018.

It has been a really intense weekend because it was not only a game jam, it was also the first game we do in Unreal Engine 4. So please, go and check it out!

Posted by MonoFlauta - July 14th, 2018

2529638_153161516313_Skeleballs-Screenshot.pngHello, everyone!

This week I had been working on Skeleball, a game made for the Minimalistic Jam #3. It has been an intense week at my work but, luckly, I managed to make some extra time and worked on this with Galit “shoze” Weisberg and Iván Piccione.

I coded this game in Unity using as base my, under construction, Framework Goat. I think it is always a good to test for frameworks to be used in game jams.

Anyway, please, feel free to try it out!

Also, please consider following me on Twitter!


Posted by MonoFlauta - June 25th, 2018

2529638_152994320073_MeetKie.jpgHello, everyone!

So I have a few news about Summer Snow Day and other stuff!

In case you haven’t met Kie yet, she was presented on Happy Ghost Studio’s Twitter account and Facebook account. With a great t-shirt that says “the end justify the memes”. I think it’s one of my favourite outfits so far.

Apart from that, we had been working on the UI of the dialogues system. And it looks we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

2529638_152994322832_MenuInGame.gifHaving the option dock totally working and the menu option panel showing up gives us an almost complete version of the dialogue system UI. Working with the canvas system of Unity had been, sadly, a complete nightmare. I guess Unity and neither Unreal, as far as I know, aren’t ready to make a complex UI for any resolution as Flash scaleform system was. Hopefully, they will take care of this and make something as good as that in a near future.

In other news, I had been making a few AR prototypes for a freelance work and also some of my students showed their games at the school, please follow their Twitter account!

Thanks for reading and please consider following me on Twitter!


Posted by MonoFlauta - June 3rd, 2018

2529638_152804416492_RodeoClown.pngHello, everyone!

New about Rodeo Clown (placeholder name), Summer Snow Day and Framework Goat.

First, I am working on a new game called, for now, Rodeo Clown. It is a bizarre game I am making with a friend where you control a sad rodeo clown and you have to avoid bulls from hitting you.

We are still not sure about how it is going to work exactly. But for now, you can move around, dash and grab your friend in order to pull him to the bulls. Also, we have a timer which works as a victory condition for now.

I guess we will just keep adding it stuff as long as we think they are funny.

Second, for Summer Snow Day I had been making the base of the menu we are going to use. It still needs work, it will probably take a while till we have this poolished as we want.

Also, I had been told that the artist has most of the characters base done and only different expressions and clothes left for them. As soon as we get the expressions, I will be able to work on the transitions for the faces which should add a lot to the feel of the game!

2529638_152804419991_FrameworkGoat.pngFor last, I revived the Framework Goat I was making in order to make games in Unity in an easier way. I had done this before with Framework Mono for Flash. It is still a bit empty though I am adding as much as I can to it in order to have something nice working.

I used many classes that I originally created for Witchcraft, which got it’s official release last week. So I decided to use a skill icon as the icon of the framework, which is also a goat icon.

The framework is open source and you can download or contribute with anything you want in GitHub. So far, here is a complete list of things it has:

  • Command
  • DecisionTree
  • EventManager
  • FiniteStateMachine
  • LookUpTable
  • Pool
  • RouleteWheelSelection

Many of the things may need more testing, but I will be using them on the Rodeo Clown and Summer Snow Day games so I will keep updating it.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading and please consider following me on Twitter!


Posted by MonoFlauta - April 9th, 2018

2529638_152329059732_SummerSnowDay-Meet-Jun.jpgHello, everyone!

In case you haven’t noticed, Happy Ghost Studio’s Facebook Page and Twitter had been posting images of Summer Snow Day characters. Each introduction has a brief description, the name of the character and an image, so you get to know each one of them! We will keep posting, once a week, a new character so don’t forget to like/follow the Happy Ghost Studio’s account!

In development news, we are still working on the UI to make it look perfect. We have been adding a lot of details and been resizing and placing everything over and over again. We want to make sure it works in all the standard resolutions.

2529638_152329061742_SummerSSnowDay-Meet-Udori.jpgThough, we are having a lot of struggles when doing this. All the scale stuff is making me crazy when trying to make it show in the position in should. I really miss the old days when we could easily work with Flash and the scale would work in any position. Of course it had its negative sides, like breaking when changing the ratio aspect but it didn’t break when we were just scaling the window!

Apart from the UI, we already have one of the unique mechanics of the game, at least for a visual novel, where you are going to try to make a fib in order to get what you desire. Of course, if you decide to lie and fail, there will be a bigger punishment than for telling the truth from the beggining. But it can help you a lot if you do it well!

That’s all for now. More updates coming in the near future so stay tuned!

Posted by MonoFlauta - March 11th, 2018


Hello, everyone!

So, first of all, yesterday was Asterash birthday! It was a year ago when we released it and it won the daily first pick of Newgrounds. The world record is still owned by akidu502 with a total of 3.012.300 points which is pretty insane! But if you feel lucky, give it a shot and play it once again to try and beat him.

In other news, Happy Ghost Studio has a new twitter account where we will be posting updates about Summer Snow Day.

Since we are talking about it…we already have the main core of the game working. We can easily add dialogues and give answers as options. We still have to work on polishing the visuals and adding some more features to it, but the main part of the code is set up and running so we can fill it with all the dialogues the game will have.

Thanks for reading and please go follow the new Happy Ghost Studio twitter account!

Posted by MonoFlauta - February 12th, 2018

Hello everyone!

2529638_151844505951_VREscapeGame-11-Feb-18.pngSo, loads of updates this week regarding the VR game project, a new announcement and more!

First, about the VR game. We already have a full working puzzle. With all the tests for movement and feeling we did with that one, we should have a good starting point when making more puzzles so, it took a while but it was worth the wait.

Also, we already have a lot of modular walls for the machinery room and we have already tested them. As you can see in the screenshot, it will be a huge wall. I can’t describe the feeling of actually seeing this through a headset.

Our next focus will be on more puzzles and more pickable stuff to have fun with. So stay tuned for more VR updates!


2529638_151844511771_SummerSnowDay.pngMeanwhile, Chad and I have been working on Summer Snow Day, the second game from Happy Ghost Studio. I never thought I would be making a game like this one, but I have to say it is a really fun thing to do.

Even though I haven’t done much yet, it was a fun thing to work on most of the character transitions and placement. It is like making a personalized tween library for this game. Apart from that, we also have some dialogues working from my side and Chad has been working hard on UI, logos and dialogues. Even more, he put together the whole team for this project since we will be working with an artist that is going to make all the characters and a musician who has already made a really nice intro song.

Anyway, if you want to have the latest updates for this project, you should like the Happy Ghost Studio Facebook Page!

Lastly, in case you have missed it, YBit is included in the Indie Fabric Bundle by IndieGala. It is a great oportunity to get YBit, and some more cool games for a cheaper price, if you haven’t got it yet!

Other than that, please stay tuned for more news and thanks for reading!