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Meet the girls + why making UI isn’t like before?!

Posted by MonoFlauta - April 9th, 2018

2529638_152329059732_SummerSnowDay-Meet-Jun.jpgHello, everyone!

In case you haven’t noticed, Happy Ghost Studio’s Facebook Page and Twitter had been posting images of Summer Snow Day characters. Each introduction has a brief description, the name of the character and an image, so you get to know each one of them! We will keep posting, once a week, a new character so don’t forget to like/follow the Happy Ghost Studio’s account!

In development news, we are still working on the UI to make it look perfect. We have been adding a lot of details and been resizing and placing everything over and over again. We want to make sure it works in all the standard resolutions.

2529638_152329061742_SummerSSnowDay-Meet-Udori.jpgThough, we are having a lot of struggles when doing this. All the scale stuff is making me crazy when trying to make it show in the position in should. I really miss the old days when we could easily work with Flash and the scale would work in any position. Of course it had its negative sides, like breaking when changing the ratio aspect but it didn’t break when we were just scaling the window!

Apart from the UI, we already have one of the unique mechanics of the game, at least for a visual novel, where you are going to try to make a fib in order to get what you desire. Of course, if you decide to lie and fail, there will be a bigger punishment than for telling the truth from the beggining. But it can help you a lot if you do it well!

That’s all for now. More updates coming in the near future so stay tuned!

Comments (7)

Hey! I Got A Question For Ya...

Sure, ask or pm me!

Can you Make The Zelda The Welder Sequel. I Mean... Remember I Posted A Review in February 12th 2017 On Your Game On July 2012? I Just Wanted A Sequel With New features And Even Some EASTER EGGS To! With New Modes And Some new Levels And Chapters!

Thanks for the interest in the game! Sadly, the team disbanded after the game jam so I think it will not be possible.

Okiey Dokie!

Looking good! Good UI's definitely a challenge, though I wonder what you're using now that makes scaling so difficult? Do miss the Flash days, when everything was so simple; anyone could just do anything...

We are making it in Unity. It is a great engine though for 2D stuff or making UI still needs a lot of work I guess...

Ah good to know. I'm a bit biased against Unity considering their early web engine but... with HTML export it's looking pretty smooth! Seems like a lot of people are using it too.

The Unity web plugin was really bad. Luckly, as you mention, the HTML one works a lot better!
Though there are still a few things that fail when trying to publish it to HTML. For example, a small indie game I made called YBit is currently on Steam. I tried to publish a demo here but the HTML version didn't work with the postprocess the game has. So I couldn't upload it here :(
Apart from that, and the fact that still needs improvements for 2D games, I think Unity is a great engine. Especially for begginers, because C# is a really friendly language.

Ah, weird. Didn't know Unity worked with C# either, I read up on C++ earlier on so maybe it's not all that different... good to know.

If you already know C++, C# will be a lot friendlier to use and not so different in the basics!

Good to know. :)