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Worked with Fro enough to know he is like that

Fro responds:


Looks amazing! I would love to have this as wallpaper!

deathink responds:

I do have a still version, but its not full screen size; maybe I'll upload one someday.

This looks amazing. Great presentation. In my opinion, it doesn't look too long, maybe it would be better if it had something you already did before. I mean, another project you already worked on. But the video sells for itself, so I am not sure about it.
Best of luck with it, though you won't need it!

Soupcat responds:

I would love to have a compilation video but I've only done 2 projects for companies before so it wouldn't really be that interesting or good. And my personal work is too NSFW and not commercial enough so I decided to make a resume type of thing to make up for my experience!

Thanks for the kind words! I haven't really put it out there yet so lets see what happens!

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Nada mal! Muy bien hecho para ser tu primero juego :D

Te dejo un par de detalles para que tengas en cuenta en un futuro simplemente!:
-Las bombas, si podes, que solo suenen cuando el enemigo esta realmente en pantalla
-El personaje, ponelo en posicion de salto cuando no este ningun hitTest con el piso activado, de esta manera se va a ver mas realista y no va a depender de que este la flecha de arriba presionada
-Música y sonidos siempre son una buena idea! En newgrounds en el portal de audio vas a encontrar muy buena música y en por ejemplo findsounds.com vas a encontrar muy buenos efectos, simplemente tene en cuenta lo que dije en el tip de las bombas!

Otra cosa que eso no creo, ya que es un demo entiendo que falten niveles, pero vas perfecto!

Awesome Game

I liked the concept and the art was awesome, really awesome, the snow effect also was great!
The interaction was fine and I loved the way you interac with other people or things!
Other than that, awesome game!

Good luck in the game jam! :)

Nice job!

I really liked the music by Brian, it was really awesome andt he art also, maybe the plot was a bit weak but the game itself was really well made. The code was also great but maybe the game comes to repetitive (as much games does including mine lol). Anyway, great job for only 72 hours.
Good luck for the jam,
Best regards,

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Awesome as always. This music really inspires me :D

FuNaNdMoRe responds:

Thanks man ;D

Judas Bread Attack!

Hi! awesome song! me and fro made a game with this one!

(=<Review Request Club>=)

Excellent work there!
Maybe with a better record it would be better
but you have a very nice music there, you play the guitar very good. really
It would be an awesome background for a flash game or a good music for a video :P
Awesome work :D
Best regards and sorry for my english (my native language is spanish),
(=<Review Request Club>=)

axlisbak responds:

thanks!, your english is fine, it was originally intended to be made for a thread where a guy made scenes for your song but i never got around to it, ill return the favour if you have any admissions youd like me to review

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Looks awesome! I really like the second one (upper right) colors. What did you use to make them? Also, if you ever need a programmer, I would love to help you.

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :) I used Magica Voxel. It's a voxel editor with a really good UI.

Really good

Ok... i know you dont like when i critic so... i will put good things in one place and then the bad... if you want just look good ones :P

The lighting effects are really good, that is what fisrt called my attention, and the tornado, the tornado its really awesome i like it a lot... Really good

Too dark, difficult to see things :p and the thunder should be going out from the sky but its looks more down

MCarsten responds:

Thanks a lot man! Thanks for like the bolts and the tornado. And about the darkness, is because it's a tornado storm, so the dust and pieces of destruction does it looks like a dark cloud.
Thanks again!!

(=<Review Request Club>=)

Well nice brushes, its looks japanese except that its not well painted in some places... like the borders are not so good. Its a cold symbol so blue is a good colour. Anyway probably you should add it a background, or some ice around or something more because this are only to kanjis, or letters or dont know what...

Good effort anyway

Best regards and sorry for my english (my native language is spanish),
(=<Review Request Club>=)

HeavyTank responds:

I tried putting a background, but I couldn't find anything that didn't ruin the overall image...anyway, thanks for the review.

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