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VR game, Summer Snow Day and more!

Posted by MonoFlauta - February 12th, 2018

Hello everyone!

2529638_151844505951_VREscapeGame-11-Feb-18.pngSo, loads of updates this week regarding the VR game project, a new announcement and more!

First, about the VR game. We already have a full working puzzle. With all the tests for movement and feeling we did with that one, we should have a good starting point when making more puzzles so, it took a while but it was worth the wait.

Also, we already have a lot of modular walls for the machinery room and we have already tested them. As you can see in the screenshot, it will be a huge wall. I can’t describe the feeling of actually seeing this through a headset.

Our next focus will be on more puzzles and more pickable stuff to have fun with. So stay tuned for more VR updates!


2529638_151844511771_SummerSnowDay.pngMeanwhile, Chad and I have been working on Summer Snow Day, the second game from Happy Ghost Studio. I never thought I would be making a game like this one, but I have to say it is a really fun thing to do.

Even though I haven’t done much yet, it was a fun thing to work on most of the character transitions and placement. It is like making a personalized tween library for this game. Apart from that, we also have some dialogues working from my side and Chad has been working hard on UI, logos and dialogues. Even more, he put together the whole team for this project since we will be working with an artist that is going to make all the characters and a musician who has already made a really nice intro song.

Anyway, if you want to have the latest updates for this project, you should like the Happy Ghost Studio Facebook Page!

Lastly, in case you have missed it, YBit is included in the Indie Fabric Bundle by IndieGala. It is a great oportunity to get YBit, and some more cool games for a cheaper price, if you haven’t got it yet!

Other than that, please stay tuned for more news and thanks for reading!