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Game Jam #2 Results

2011-01-14 11:44:32 by MonoFlauta

First of all sorry for my horrible English and a lot of mistakes I had and will make :)
Well what can I say? First I didn't though we got the 100% of possibilities to win. I thought that there were other games really near to win and even with more possibilities that our games. First, I think that IceBoy is a really good game and really well programmed, I never thought it had a lot of possibilities but well, they won and I am happy for them :). Then there are some games I can't understand how they reach there, the AustinBreed one, really people, had you fun with it? You just move in circles throwing fire... just that! I think it's well programmed at everything but I find a lot more fun other games, a lot more :S sorry Austin but I didn't like too much your game, it's really well programmed but I can't find it fun :S. And The Pyre, is lagged as hell and I don't find it really well programmed, I never thought it had a possibility but well, me or the rest of the people weren't the judge. I am very happy that Eskimo River Rush get a position there, I think that from there it should had second place and Mechanical Ice Apocalypse the first place (from the winners) but well. I am happy for both of them because they reach that place :) and I really had fun with them especially with Eskimo River Rush :P. Then, I think that the three games I thought they were going to win just get an honorable place below, I think its awesome that they won that because I think that three games should be in the top 5, not because the votes, I mean because the graphics and the programming things, don't know which game first but I think those game should be first. Also something I can't understand is how Icy Cave of Frustration didn't get at least an honorable place, that games was like really popular, it's very simple (at least for me) but people really liked it and with the high score system it became very popular. Well I think I can't say anything more, I think that the top five should was like this: Escape from ice mountain, Bearbound, Alvin's Alps, Mechanical Ice Apocalypse and Eskimo River Rush (not in particular order). Well I think don't have anything more to say, I am happy for the winners and I can say that this experience was anyway very good, because now people like RedHarvest know me and wants to work maybe in another project with me. So this thing of random integration is very useful for a lot of people who is a bit good like me because can work in great projects if they are really ready. Why I am saying this? Just to tell that this thing of random things is something we shouldn't lose like we are doing in the movie jam that we send the team made, because is something really awesome that the jam had.
Just hope you find something of this useful for the next jam or be agree or argue (in a passive way lol) with me :)
Best regards,

Featured for first time!

2011-01-06 14:37:43 by MonoFlauta

Next step: Win! Wii!
(i hope)

Featured for first time!

First time in frontpage

2011-01-04 13:39:14 by MonoFlauta


First time in frontpage

Team Polar Bear: Escape from ice mountain

2011-01-02 22:08:45 by MonoFlauta

Well, what can I say, it was awesome working in it, even if we dont win, i will be happy because we really made an awesome game in just 72 hours!
My team was awesome, I had seen a lot of team that failed because they were fighting or things like that, well, i was really lucky. Tyler was one of the artist, can you believe he made all the graphics of the in game! his awesome, his fast, and he made really good art! RedHarvest was the other one, another awesome artist, if you take the intro video and put it apart an upload it, it could get an score over 3.50! it was really awesome! also the menu screen, the big characters, everything awesome, AND THE LOGO! wow!. Deadendworldstudios was the moral member team, he rushed us (somettimes more than i did! wow! lol) and he made some voices, even he said he wasnt awesome for that, he really is! they were awesome!.

I loved my team, thanks to my team and people who played this game :)

Hope to work again with them :)

Team Polar Bear: Escape from ice mountain


2010-12-28 17:42:31 by MonoFlauta

We rule!



2010-12-24 18:17:17 by MonoFlauta

HI! long time ago lol
I am making now this projects:
Pyroscape 3
Hoshinofuru 2

so... you will see them in some weeks or months who knows lol

The plan...

2010-08-09 19:58:01 by MonoFlauta

I will make many things at the same time... they are divided by steps
First Step:
-Make Pyroscape Collab - DONE
-Make a Joust Game - PENDIENT
Second Step:
-Make Pyroscape 3 - MAKING
-Make a Team Site - PLANNING
Third Step:
-Start making apps for iPhone
-Make better the Team Site

Can change...

Well here I will put update of the two things.
Pyroscape 3 will start making next week probably don't know yet... Fro and Nick needs to start making the stuff so I can program it.
Now the important thing to put here because Pyroscape 3 will be most a secret:

Pyroscape - The Collab
Here you got the post:

If you want to join just need to make a mini game alone or with a team and send it to me :D

Thanks for everything :D and sorry for my english :P


2010-07-23 18:46:57 by MonoFlauta

I need to kill somebody... arggg very furious at this momment

A robot game coming :O

2010-05-26 18:16:50 by MonoFlauta