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New game, Summer Snow Day and Framework Goat

Posted by MonoFlauta - June 3rd, 2018

2529638_152804416492_RodeoClown.pngHello, everyone!

New about Rodeo Clown (placeholder name), Summer Snow Day and Framework Goat.

First, I am working on a new game called, for now, Rodeo Clown. It is a bizarre game I am making with a friend where you control a sad rodeo clown and you have to avoid bulls from hitting you.

We are still not sure about how it is going to work exactly. But for now, you can move around, dash and grab your friend in order to pull him to the bulls. Also, we have a timer which works as a victory condition for now.

I guess we will just keep adding it stuff as long as we think they are funny.

Second, for Summer Snow Day I had been making the base of the menu we are going to use. It still needs work, it will probably take a while till we have this poolished as we want.

Also, I had been told that the artist has most of the characters base done and only different expressions and clothes left for them. As soon as we get the expressions, I will be able to work on the transitions for the faces which should add a lot to the feel of the game!

2529638_152804419991_FrameworkGoat.pngFor last, I revived the Framework Goat I was making in order to make games in Unity in an easier way. I had done this before with Framework Mono for Flash. It is still a bit empty though I am adding as much as I can to it in order to have something nice working.

I used many classes that I originally created for Witchcraft, which got it’s official release last week. So I decided to use a skill icon as the icon of the framework, which is also a goat icon.

The framework is open source and you can download or contribute with anything you want in GitHub. So far, here is a complete list of things it has:

  • Command
  • DecisionTree
  • EventManager
  • FiniteStateMachine
  • LookUpTable
  • Pool
  • RouleteWheelSelection

Many of the things may need more testing, but I will be using them on the Rodeo Clown and Summer Snow Day games so I will keep updating it.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading and please consider following me on Twitter!