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New game on Steam!

2017-10-27 15:10:58 by MonoFlauta

Hello, everyone!

I have just released my first game on Steam called YBit. Please consider checking it out!


New game on Steam!

2017-10-27 15:09:58 by MonoFlauta

Hello, everyone!

I have just released my first game on Steam called YBit. Please consider checking it out!



Hello, everyone!

I am going to release my new game called YBit on Steam:

YBit is a new pixelated platformer adventure that will come out at the end of October.

You will be playing as a small hero made of information, trying to escape from a program that has crashed. Avoiding errors, not falling down and getting to the exits will be your mission.


I am currently looking for Bloggers and Youtubers (mostly indie ones) that would like to try it out and if they like it, make a post or video about it.

I would be proving a Steam key with beta access and any material needed.

If you are interested, please pm me or contact me at

Thanks in advance!

Opensource Trail Script AS3

2017-05-01 10:41:15 by MonoFlauta

Hello, everyone!

As I posted before, I am working on an AS3 Framework for video games. Is totally open source so anyone can use it (or help!).

I recently added a Trail Tool that will let you add trails to any of your games made in Flash. You can check and example here!

Also, the Framework has some other cool features (in my not so humble opinion) like:

And if you are wondering what has been done with this, well, Asterash recently was published here and it uses this to avoid frame rate issues!

Thanks for reading and if you have any opinion or though, just leave a comment!


2017-03-10 19:48:01 by MonoFlauta



Witchcraft got Greenlit!

2016-11-11 15:51:02 by MonoFlauta

Great news! Witchcraft got Greenlit!

I wanted to thank to everyone from here who checked it out! Thanks a lot for your support! Newgrounds best community ever!

We uploaded it to Greenlight on October 20th and in less than a month we got the green light to enter to Steam.

This is a great announcement and we are really proud of what we have done so far.

Anyway, we still have a lot to do before entering in Steam. We have a lot of paperwork to do that will take a long time to be done apparently. Even though we want to publish it as soon as possible, we can’t rush this paperwork since none of us knows anything about this. And because of that, we have been contacting people in order to find an accountant or somebody that knows about this.

But meanwhile, we still have to keep working on the game itself. Although we have something playable, we still have to polish it and add more features. So, expects more updates in the future!

In other news I am still working on flash games. I usually show updates every week on my website so if you want, feel free to check it out!

Hi Everyone!
My name is Facundo, known here as MonoFlauta, and I have been a user of Newgrounds since 2008! I've always loved making Flash Games and I keep doing it! (Where I've used it most recently was at a local Cartoon Network game jam, you can check the game here and I'm making another game in Flash rigth now) Almost two years ago, I started making games in Unity as well. I'm never going to leave Flash or Newgrounds, but learning new things its always a plus! So now, I ask YOU, The Community of Newgrounds to help me out with my humble little dream:

Us in Silky Smooth Studio are happy to annouce the publishment of Witchcraft in GreenLight!

After a year of hard work, we've finally decided to publish it in GreenLight and we are looking to enter to Steam. But for that to happen we need a lot of possitive votes!
We aren't looking for free upvotes, we just want to ask you if you can check it out and leave some feedback, and if you like it, then we won't mind if you upvote us :)

For the ones that have never heard about the game:
Witchcraft is a 1vs1 or 2vs2 action game in which you can, for the time being, play locally with up to 3 more friends or with/against AI oponents. Each player will have to choose 4 out of 18 unique skills at the beginning of each encounter trying to forge the best possible strategy.

You can also check the trailer in GreenLight (+ Screenshots) or check the trailer right here:

Thanks a lot for your time and support!


New Witchcraft Trailer!

2016-10-05 18:31:48 by MonoFlauta

So, we just published the first trailer for Witchcraft. The trailer itself is based on a pre-alpha version of the game, so it is far from the final version.
The big new update we have is that now we are using original music by a musician and we have new art for the three levels where our mages battle.

Also, did you already check my new website? It needs more work, but I am on it!

Free Witchcraft Early Access

2016-03-25 20:51:47 by MonoFlauta


So, we finally opened the early access of Witchcraft. It would be awesome if you could leave us your thoughts about the game and how can we improve it!


Please go to and download the game. For now, you can play local battles against your friends or AI!


And please, don't forget to leave a message of your thoughts in the community or on our facebook page


Thanks a lot for your time!

2016 Challenge - Feb Update!

2016-02-02 16:14:09 by MonoFlauta





This is a game I started with two friends (including We had been working really hard with this one and we are planning to launch it at Steam.

The game, at its current phase, you can play with up to four local players. We plan to add IA in a near future and after that an online option!

If you want, you like the game's Facebook page:


This is a game I am currently working with I don't have much to show yet, but will be a really small one that I created to test out my Framework:


We ( and I) are working on a cool space exploring game! It's art is looking amazing and I think it moves really smooth and gives a cool feeling. I will be posting more updates in the future! (And yes, no name yet!)


I started working on a new game from someone of Newgrounds. Though we are not revealing anything yet, it's looking really nice!

The rest

I will be updating this information as soon as I start new proyects!


If you want, you can help a lot with one or more of the following things!

Play any of my games!
Give a Like to my Facebook Page
Check out my Framework Mono in GitHub (UnderConstruction)
Become a Patron in