One of you in GreenLight, HELP US!

2016-10-22 10:58:18 by MonoFlauta

Hi Everyone!
My name is Facundo, known here as MonoFlauta, and I have been a user of Newgrounds since 2008! I've always loved making Flash Games and I keep doing it! (Where I've used it most recently was at a local Cartoon Network game jam, you can check the game here and I'm making another game in Flash rigth now) Almost two years ago, I started making games in Unity as well. I'm never going to leave Flash or Newgrounds, but learning new things its always a plus! So now, I ask YOU, The Community of Newgrounds to help me out with my humble little dream:

Us in Silky Smooth Studio are happy to annouce the publishment of Witchcraft in GreenLight!

After a year of hard work, we've finally decided to publish it in GreenLight and we are looking to enter to Steam. But for that to happen we need a lot of possitive votes!
We aren't looking for free upvotes, we just want to ask you if you can check it out and leave some feedback, and if you like it, then we won't mind if you upvote us :)

For the ones that have never heard about the game:
Witchcraft is a 1vs1 or 2vs2 action game in which you can, for the time being, play locally with up to 3 more friends or with/against AI oponents. Each player will have to choose 4 out of 18 unique skills at the beginning of each encounter trying to forge the best possible strategy.

You can also check the trailer in GreenLight (+ Screenshots) or check the trailer right here:

Thanks a lot for your time and support!



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2016-10-23 09:20:39

This is sick

MonoFlauta responds:

Hope it does well!


2016-10-23 13:04:55

Voted :)

MonoFlauta responds: