New Witchcraft Trailer!

2016-10-05 18:31:48 by MonoFlauta

So, we just published the first trailer for Witchcraft. The trailer itself is based on a pre-alpha version of the game, so it is far from the final version.
The big new update we have is that now we are using original music by a musician and we have new art for the three levels where our mages battle.

Also, did you already check my new website? It needs more work, but I am on it!


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2016-10-05 23:33:16

Very cool! Will there be a combo system involved with the powers? Like, combining them to make a joint weapon?

MonoFlauta responds:

They will not make the next power do more damage, but yes they are planned to have a synergy.
Like for example most of MOBAs do, if you use this, you will lock your enemy and after that you will be able to give full damage with one skill in wich you miss most of hits.


2016-10-06 17:27:58

Looks like warlock Wc3. Loved that game, Hyped! :D

MonoFlauta responds:

Never played that mode. But not the first one that says that! I must check it out!!!