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2012 Resume!

2013-01-01 16:40:35 by MonoFlauta

Hi everyone! First of all thanks for being reading this! This New Year I hope will continue as good as the last one finished. First I will make an overview of my projects if you are interested and later about other stuff.

Published Projects

Sadly, this year I didn't have the chance to show you as much projects as I would had like to... BUT! I published some stuff anyway so I am still happy with this year!

First of all I published the sequel of Headbanging Hero, Headbanging Hero: Metal. This game gave FuNaNdMoRe and I a lot of work but we really liked how it came along and we were really glad we could not just make a sequel for a game jam, we also made another game published with our Fun+Mono team!

After that game, the Game Jam #7 came and I team up with RedHarvest, Intero and Aigis to make Zelda the Welder. We didn't won but we worked really hard on it to make it as best as possible. I also learned a lot about organizations during the Game Jams so I really enjoyed that!

Since I had been really busy during the year, I didn't work too much in small games I could publish, so the perfect moments were the Game Jams for me, that's why the next game was another game for a jam, this time for the Game Jam #8- The team was FuNaNdMoRe, RedHarvest and I we did Billy's Barricade. Personally, I had more fun making this game than the game for the other game jam since I was used to work in team with everyone of the team. Also, even we had a LOT less of time, I had fun with the challenge and even we didn't win, as we said before starting "the awesome of these game jams, is that after the weekend we will have a new game!"

To finish the year, I teamed up with Warpentak for first time and did Perpetual. This game, even it's really simple, it's pretty addictive! I mean, I had a lot of fun not only making it but also playing it! Also, this project was really awesome since I made a new friend for making games!

Groups of Teamwork

Happy Ghost Studio: Well, as some of you already know, this is a new team that started this past year! For the moment is composed by RedHarvest and I and we are looking forward to finish this year our first game with this team: Primal Champions! Click the name of the team to get more updates about this awesome project we are making!

Fun+Mono: Even we just published Headbanging Hero: Metal the team didn't stop working and working. We are right now involved in three different projects, one is the big online game MonsMons which is progressing slowly but day by day, the other one is Shark Antennas Co. Worlds that lately is in a small rush of progression that we plan to keep it up and for last one Lobster Stole My Trousers, even it isn't progressing as much as we wish, it isn't cancelled!

Warpentak and I: Another new team that started this year, we don't have an official name but we worked together in Perpetual and right now we are working in a game for OONi Games that we are looking forward to publish it before March!

What I am looking for 2013

I guess my main goals will be finish Primal Champions and Shark Antennas Co. Worlds, make a beta for MonsMons and continue working with OONi Games and Warpentak. Also, I can't wait to see what will be our next projects for Happy Ghost Studio and Fun+Mono but first I want to finish the actual ones!

General Life

It was a year with loads of changes, as I talked with a friend. I guess only the time will say if it were changes for good or bad, but the true is that even the year was a bit heavy for me I couldn't had finished it better than meeting up with friends before Christmas and going camping with two other friends and less than 30 U$D for 4 days!

All I can say is thanks to my working friends FuNaNdMoRe, RedHarvest and Warpentak and say thanks to my new and old friends that go through this year with me.

PS: ¬°AUPA EL RAYO VALLECANO! (My dad gave me that T-Shirt of a team called Rayo Vallecano for my birthday!)

2012 Resume!

Happy Birthday to me :D

2012-12-22 11:30:30 by MonoFlauta

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Thoughts about Game Jam:

Well, I wanted to write about this before but I just didn't find the time for it.

I had joined for first time at the second game jam where I made Escape from Ice Mountain with awesome team members (RedHarvest, Tyler and DeadEndWorldStudios). Then I participate of the third, fourth, seventh and eighth game jam. I had a lot of fun working on them most of the time! I had to admit that last 3 hours I am in a panic mode but that doesn't matter, it worth it always.

Anyway, I really miss the engine of the Game Jam #2 because the teams weren't premade, they were made randomly. Why I miss that? Well, I have a lot of fun working with my team of friends on these projects but I wouldn't had know RedHarvest if it wasn't for the random.

I really think the next game jam should have teams made randomly because is the best way to know new people, I mean, I already work with my friends, it's cool to make a game with them, but I though (and really feel) the main goal of the game jam was knowing new people to work and at the same time make something unique each time. The second ones is working perfect but the first one, just feels really empty :(

Well, I just think it would be cool if the next game jam the teams are made randomly, but, what do you think?

Future Projects:

Well I am currently working on many of them! My main ones right now are Primal Champions (check Happy Ghost Studio facebook page), A secret project :O (check Fun+Mono facebook page for updates!) and MonsMons. Meanwhile I also have more small projects but I will be posting updates about the in MonoFlauta

So stay tuned!

PS: I loved this game from the Game Jam #8 Check it out!: Out There Somewhere

Happy Ghost Studio

2012-09-26 19:57:00 by MonoFlauta

I am going to tell you about Happy Ghost Studio! This is a new team we set up with RedHarvest with the main goal of making some awesome and unique games! The main point is to make high quality games that we would play for days :D
We are actually working in our first game with this studio: Primal Champions. So far is looking awesome and we won't rush with it but we can't wait to play it! Lol
If you want to get our lastest news we would really appreciate to Like Us on Facebook: Happy Ghost Studio

Games that RedHarvest and I worked together:
Zelda the Welder - 2012 for Game Jam #7
Kingdom in the Clouds - 2011
Escape from Ice Mountain - 2010 for Game Jam #2

Even more?
MonoFlauta Facebook Page

Happy Ghost Studio

4 Games!

2012-08-14 21:34:57 by MonoFlauta

Here you have 4 projects in which I am working on :)!
LEFT UP CORNER:This is a game I am making with Goat-Man. Is a really simple game but quite fun we are making based on an idea he had for the last game jam. You are a seed that grows till getting a big flower and you need to collect water for that. This game is score based, so you can't actually loose, but if an enemy hits you, you will lose points for the highscore! The game hasn't got a release date but is almost done, so I hope to see it up here in Newgrounds soon :)!
RIGHT UP CORNER:This is a game I am making with RedHarvest. Is going to be an epic rpg adventure with a new game system. We are just starting, but the heavy engine is almost done and now just left to make the art (heavy part) and add some small codes (easy part). Anyway, this is going to take some time but we are trying to have it for November, hope we reach that date and bring you this awesome game!
LEFT DOWN CORNER:This is a game I am making with FuNaNdMoRe and DeadEndWorldStudios. We are just starting and doesn't have too much of gameplay yet but I hope to tell you more about it soon because is going to be a good game with a Mario bros style.
RIGHT DOWN CORNER:MonsMons. AN EPIC PROJECT! Haha, I am making this one with my uncle and FuNaNdMoRe and is going to be a big online game that will grow and grow each day once is out! I can't tell you more than what is in the MonsMons Facebook page, so go and make fan!

If you want to get all the updates of all the projects just make fan of my Facebook Page or Follow me on Twitter

4 Games!

Need a programmer?

2012-07-06 17:09:12 by MonoFlauta

Hi! I am MonoFlauta, I had been here at Newgrounds since 2008. I am more known as a programmer than other thing so I am searching for artist who wants to make their game projects real!

About games I have done
I started coding and learning since 2008 but I guess the big jump I did it in 2010 when I team up in Game Jam #2 and did Escape from ice mountain. After that game, most of my games had jump in quality and I could team up with great artists like FuNaNdMoRe and RedHarvest. Now, you should be asking yourself "which other good games did you make?". Well, my favorites, from the new ones, are: Kingdom in the Clouds and Headbanging Hero: Metal!

What I am looking for
I am looking to make new games with awesome art! One of my other goals is to meet new people and make up new teams, this way we can grow together and keep making games! Since I am going to make this a main job, my plan is to make more than one game at the same time, even with different artist. But don't worry! I will have time for them, since I said, this is becoming my main job.

What I am doing right now?
Right now I am working in a new game with RedHarvest and at the same time I am working in a long time project. This long time project is actually a online flash game for Facebook, here you can check the latest news about it: MonsMons. FuNaNdMoRe is the main artist for this project. But anyway, if you are interested in it, you can be part too of it :)

Great! Now how can I start working with MonoFlauta?
Well, just send me a private message with your game ideas and I will contact you as soon as I read them!

More about MonoFlauta
He is brave, handsome, with a muscular torso, great at dancing and his favorite birds are toucans! (Just kidding, except for the toucans part)

Thanks for your attention! :D PS: My Facebook Page! :D

Need a programmer?

Zelda the Welder

2012-07-02 00:49:17 by MonoFlauta

We finally finished it :D GO AND CHECK IT OUT!

Zelda the Welder

Go and check it... NOW! Please :)

Go and fucking check it! :D


2012-03-11 15:07:07 by MonoFlauta

HHM is already in FGL for sponsors :D We will soon upload here at newgrounds if everything goes fine so stay tuned :D