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Nada mal! Muy bien hecho para ser tu primero juego :D

Te dejo un par de detalles para que tengas en cuenta en un futuro simplemente!:
-Las bombas, si podes, que solo suenen cuando el enemigo esta realmente en pantalla
-El personaje, ponelo en posicion de salto cuando no este ningun hitTest con el piso activado, de esta manera se va a ver mas realista y no va a depender de que este la flecha de arriba presionada
-Música y sonidos siempre son una buena idea! En newgrounds en el portal de audio vas a encontrar muy buena música y en por ejemplo findsounds.com vas a encontrar muy buenos efectos, simplemente tene en cuenta lo que dije en el tip de las bombas!

Otra cosa que eso no creo, ya que es un demo entiendo que falten niveles, pero vas perfecto!

Awesome Game

I liked the concept and the art was awesome, really awesome, the snow effect also was great!
The interaction was fine and I loved the way you interac with other people or things!
Other than that, awesome game!

Good luck in the game jam! :)

Nice job!

I really liked the music by Brian, it was really awesome andt he art also, maybe the plot was a bit weak but the game itself was really well made. The code was also great but maybe the game comes to repetitive (as much games does including mine lol). Anyway, great job for only 72 hours.
Good luck for the jam,
Best regards,

Reminds me to a motor bike game of sega

I don't remember the name of that game, but it reminds me to that. I guess the game is fine, maybe adding a plot or something else to complete would be great. The menu is like, a box at the left, can I ask why? I mean, I didn't expect that, was a problem that you couldn't fix or something like that?.
Anyway, the art was fine and the coding was really nice.
Good luck in the Jam!
Best Regards,

Lambinvoker responds:

The screen size originally fit that box. We had planned to have the objects flash their incoming position to warn the player, but we ran short on time and the warning mechanic was scrapped. When we submitted the game, everyone complained that it was impossible and that there wasn't enough time to react so I explanded the game screen to the maximum that newgrounds allows to compensate. As a result there are now two suns in the background and the title and instruction screens look off. I could ask my artist to make another title image to replace the current one, but I really don't want to bother him for it.

Needs improvement

Sorry guys, I know you had really small amount of time but this games need imrpvoment.
The movement is really buggy, you can go sometimes trhough boxes and the jump also is a bit buggy.
I can't block anything, sorry if its my fault, but i press space to block, they attack me but they hurt me, it's really difficult :S
Try now that you guys have more time free to make something like a gold or deluxe version fixing that and making it work better.
Good luck anyway in the jam!
Best regards,

Nice game

It is an original idea really, I think that if you made it in 24 you did a really good job, only that the art it seems pretty simple, but well, that happens when you have a really small amout of time, good job!
Good luck in the jam!
Best Regards,

Manly-Chicken responds:

Good luck to you guys too!

Very original

At least for me it is a very original game. You made a great use of your handicap, I just have one problem that is sometimes I can't reach some objects that are too away from the net. Other than that, the art was nice made and the code was really good!
Good luck in the jam!
Best regards,

J-qb responds:


And you did this by your own?!

Wow, that's a lot of job for one person, especially the coding part, but you made a really great job. I guess your idea was awesome but it's looks just like you avoided your handicap, I am not saying this is bad, it's just that you didn't made an awesome use of it (Anyway, it was difficult as hell I can't think of an idea now). The art was fine, it was simple but the code and the AI, was really well made. Also the levels and well, everything itself.
Great job and good luck in the jam!
Best Regards,

Epic Art

This one was one of my favorite games for the Jam. The only thing that annoyed me was the use of many controls, I know you had to do it like that and you made an awesoem idea with that, in other way would be really annoying, great job with that. But the stones going up and down, makes me really crazy because the acceleration is really low but the breaks are even more slowler :(
Other than that, the art is really awesome, the idea was magnific and the code was great.
Good luck in the jam!
Best regards,

Morse is killing me!

It's making me crazy using the morse code, I think its a very original thing but its really annoying after playing some time. Also I had problems getting money, maybe winning a bit more would be better. One thing, i Know the game is short but this type of games are better when they have saves or checkpoints, if you can add them better and if not its fine anyway. Other than that, great programming and great art, also the selection of music was awesome!
Good luck in the jam
Best regards,

Grent responds:

Yeah, after testing it so many times I must have been deaf or something, because I came back and played it again recently and... yeah, we really could use a mute button. As for checkpoints, they're too much effort to put in now, but I will concede that the exclusion of them was an oversight on my part. You can expect to see those in SMCRPG2.

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