Happy Ghost Studio

2012-09-26 19:57:00 by MonoFlauta

I am going to tell you about Happy Ghost Studio! This is a new team we set up with RedHarvest with the main goal of making some awesome and unique games! The main point is to make high quality games that we would play for days :D
We are actually working in our first game with this studio: Primal Champions. So far is looking awesome and we won't rush with it but we can't wait to play it! Lol
If you want to get our lastest news we would really appreciate to Like Us on Facebook: Happy Ghost Studio

Games that RedHarvest and I worked together:
Zelda the Welder - 2012 for Game Jam #7
Kingdom in the Clouds - 2011
Escape from Ice Mountain - 2010 for Game Jam #2

Even more?
MonoFlauta Facebook Page

Happy Ghost Studio


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Is it just you two for now?

MonoFlauta responds: