4 Games!

2012-08-14 21:34:57 by MonoFlauta

Here you have 4 projects in which I am working on :)!
LEFT UP CORNER:This is a game I am making with Goat-Man. Is a really simple game but quite fun we are making based on an idea he had for the last game jam. You are a seed that grows till getting a big flower and you need to collect water for that. This game is score based, so you can't actually loose, but if an enemy hits you, you will lose points for the highscore! The game hasn't got a release date but is almost done, so I hope to see it up here in Newgrounds soon :)!
RIGHT UP CORNER:This is a game I am making with RedHarvest. Is going to be an epic rpg adventure with a new game system. We are just starting, but the heavy engine is almost done and now just left to make the art (heavy part) and add some small codes (easy part). Anyway, this is going to take some time but we are trying to have it for November, hope we reach that date and bring you this awesome game!
LEFT DOWN CORNER:This is a game I am making with FuNaNdMoRe and DeadEndWorldStudios. We are just starting and doesn't have too much of gameplay yet but I hope to tell you more about it soon because is going to be a good game with a Mario bros style.
RIGHT DOWN CORNER:MonsMons. AN EPIC PROJECT! Haha, I am making this one with my uncle and FuNaNdMoRe and is going to be a big online game that will grow and grow each day once is out! I can't tell you more than what is in the MonsMons Facebook page, so go and make fan!

If you want to get all the updates of all the projects just make fan of my Facebook Page or Follow me on Twitter

4 Games!


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2012-08-14 23:01:49

That's a lot of content. o.o

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